Sport Fisher Bib & Brace Trousers

The Sports Fisher Bib & Brace are waterproof and breathable, an ideal addition to your sport fishing clothing, allowing you to enjoy longer fishing trips, whatever the weather!

  • The Bib Fishing is completely watertight (+10000 mm), breathable (Ret<15) and acts as a windcheater. The seams are thermal bounded taped to make them waterproof.
  • These Bib & Brace can be worn effectively with the Sport Fisher Smock.
  • It is sufficiently high to protect the bottom of the back and prevent any air ingress.
  • Elastic sides ensure that the clothing fits well so that air does not pass.
  • The large elastic braces are comfortable on the shoulder. They can be adjusted to suit all sizes.
  • The large-teeth zip and large gusset prevent water ingress and make it easier to slip on.
  • It has a watertight pocket closing with a self-grip flap on the thigh, where objects can be placed to protect them from the water.
  • There is an eyehole at the bottom of the pocket for water evacuation.
  • Ankle adjustment tabs flatten fabric on legs to fit in boots and improve waterproofing.
  • The bib is completely lined in polyamide to make use comfortable. 

Fabric Aquastar

Aquastar Fabric is a breathable waterproof microporous polyamide coating. Its weight, 200 g/m makes it a hard-wearing and comfortable fabric. It is waterproof (+10000 mm) and breathable (Ret<15).